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Current Leaders

We have a great team of individuals whose combined experiences include decades of service in education. Several have taught various grade levels and have served Halifax County, and the surrounding counties for several years as a classroom teacher. Others have various educational experiences, but all have an unwavering commitment to serve, and to support your child spiritually, and academically. New leaders and helpers are apt to come aboard as we continue to grow.

Dr. Sherry Ballew

Director/Lead Teacher

Dr. Ballew is the founder and director of Home School Solutions. She began her teaching career about 30 years ago and became a licensed elementary teacher where she served her community in her hometown. Later, Dr. Ballew became a college instructor where she worked with elementary, middle and high school educational majors. Her philosophy of education has its origins in the Christian faith, and as a result, Home School Solutions (H.S.S) rests on the great words of King Solomon: “The fear of God is the beginning of Knowledge, and therefore the motto for H.S.S: “Where Learning begins with God”.

Ms. Abigail Mitchell

Lead Teacher

She is one of the most brilliant young ladies I have had the privilege of knowing. She grew up in a large family, and was homeschooled along with the rest of her 8 siblings. She was taught how to farm and garden. She also learned how to can and preserve food. In addition, Her family owned a bakery where she experienced the joys of entrepreneurship, and gained many other “life skills” that have contributed to her success today. As a graduate from a homeschooling family, Ms. Abigail has also gained extensive experiences, and thus has been a tremendous gift to our families. She has been with us from the beginning and is now entering her 4th year of service with Home School Solutions.

Ms. Heather Spencer

Representing BJU Press

I began homeschooling when my oldest son was diagnosed with sensory-processing disorder. His preschool teacher noticed the symptoms, so after having him tested, my husband and I realized that our son needed one-on-one teaching and would not thrive well in a classroom. Through homeschooling, he has been able to excel in school. I truly believe all children excel when the curriculum can be fit to the child, not the child fit to the curriculum. Heather is a Homeworks Consultant representing BJU Press Homeschool.

Ms. Patricia Wilson

Volunteer Leader

Ms. Patricia is our “Know-how Skills” leader/volunteer. She has volunteered her time weekly in support of various learning skills. She specifically plans “one on one” and hands-on experiences teaching our children how to sew. Throughout the years, Ms. Patricia has taught our kids how to sew, cook, garden and problem-solve. Our kids have made hand towels, aprons (made from their dad’s shirt), quilt squares, pillows, seat cushions and have been given their own sewing kit. They have experimented with measurement, plant identification, cooking, and various other “know-how skills”. Patricia has been an incredible mentor and “grandma” to all of us.

Mr. Steve Dishman

Volunteer Leader

Steve has served our community well… Serving in fire, EMS and emergency management for 43 years… worked in planning and response to all types of incidents (though out the state ) and at the National Emergency Training Center in Maryland. He notes that he has “been studying basic bush crafting skills and outdoor preparation to have something to share with my grandkids and some historical methods used by the pioneers for the last couple of years.”

Community Volunteers

HSS partners with community volunteers to help further invest in “our kids” by offering what we call “life skills” or “know how skills”. For example: Ms. Patricia Wilson (A community volunteer) began working with us during our first year of operation. She will be with us again this year. Ms. Patricia taught our kids how to sew, cook, bake, make candy, and how to convert measurements. Additionally, she gave her time to share scripture and to teach God’s word. On one occasion, she helped to illustrate God’s word through active engagement. The kids under her supervision made a replica of heaven as described in the book of Revelation. Their creation of Heaven is being kept for display and for families to enjoy.

Other volunteers include Pastor Doug Ballew (Shares weekly devotions) and Mr. Steve Dishman who teaches various “survival skills” and other primitive methods of living (helping to build understanding of our past, and thus supporting problem solving skills). These are just 3 of our many volunteers who may come along side our kids to help support their academic and spiritual growth.

Anyone, sharing our mission, and passion for Christ is welcome to inquire about how to join our volunteer group and invest in our children. You may do so by contacting Dr. Sherry Ballew by email: homeschoolsolutionsva@gmail.com or by phone (540) 250- 8326.

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