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Payment Plan

Payment may be made in full at time of application. However, parents may opt to make monthly payments. In this case, a payment agreement may be signed during the application process. You may hand deliver payment in person Monday-Thursday, during our normal hours of operation. * Payment is due by the 5th of each month. (A late payment fee of $25.00 should be included, if received after the 5th of each month). Parent’s opting to pay on the 12-month plan should begin payment in June, or July.


Annual fees for our service is $3400. (The cost for curriculum is a separate expense and is contingent on selection.) Each student enrolling for our services will be responsible for purchasing their own curriculum. (Heather Spencer, the consultant representing BJU Press Homeschool, is available to help with this and can offer a payment plan). We can help with the process.

* There is a $45.00 registration fee for new families and a $25 renewal fee for previous or existing families per child. (Additionally, families will have the option to purchase a T-Shirt with HSS logo and will be encouraged to purchase a Planner)

StudentsDiscountAnnual Fees10 Month Plan12 Month Plan
First Child$3,400.00$340.00/month$283.33/month
Second Child3%$3,298.00$329.80/month$274.88/month
Third Child5%$3,230.00$323.00/month$269.00/month
Fourth & Subsequent Children10%$3,060.00$306.00/month$255.00/month

* Fees for the 2023-2024 school year include a discount for families having 2 or more children.

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