We believe learning begins with God Investing in our children Individualized curriculum to support learning

Curriculum Options

When enrolling for our services, families should choose and purchase a curriculum/ subject material they wish for their child to utilize during the school year. Assorted options for curriculum choices are available with various price points. For your convenience, some of these curriculum offers can be found at However, we have partnered with Heather Spencer representing BJU Press Homeschool to help ease the search. Most of our students will be utilizing this curriculum. However, you the parent have the option of choosing which curriculum you want your child to utilize providing it aligns with our statement of faith. We are happy to help with this process. To enroll with us, curriculum should be aligned with our statement of faith. (Our statement of faith will be included in our registration packet.)

Parent / Student / HSS Partnership

HSS, parents and students pledge to share a responsibility for student learning. Specifically, HSS will provide the space, daily routine, and structure to support student engagement. HSS pledges to promote good conduct, and to hold high expectations for student learning. Parents will provide daily curriculum (We offer support with the selection process) and will share the prescribed learning plan with HSS to communicate the stated objectives, or will use a planner to communicate the alternate learning goals for the week. The student will follow instructions quickly and will take responsibility to complete his or her own work. The student will take responsibility to ask questions (when necessary) and will choose to use their time wisely.

Admission Process

There is an application given to the family applying for our services. During the application process, our HSS handbook on policies and procedures will be shared and “first steps discussed”. Families (parents and students enrolling for our services) will have an opportunity to discuss curriculum options and ask any questions pertaining to “first steps to homeschooling” after reviewing our HSS handbook. Next, parents are asked to sign an acknowledgment of the following:

  • Our Statement of faith
  • Our shared partnership /responsibility between HSS, parents, and students
  • Our Expectations, procedures, policies, and use of planner for communication
  • A liability waiver
  • A payment agreement.

In addition will have an option to:

  • Receive a letter of intent to Home School (This can be delivered to the county School board office)
  • Receive suggestions for Home School Curriculum
  • Speak to a qualified licensed educator for questions or other curricula options
  • Enroll with HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)
  • Enroll with HEAV (Home Educators Association of Virginia)

** There is a $45 fee for new admission. Readmission/previously enrolled students will receive a discounted rate @ $20.00.

Are you interested in applying?

Applications are made available upon request. Simply message us and we’ll send you the application.


Annual fees for our service is $3400. (The cost for curriculum is a separate expense and is contingent on selection.) Each student enrolling for our services will be responsible for purchasing their own curriculum. (Heather Spencer, the consultant representing BJU Press Homeschool, is available to help with this and can offer a payment plan). We can help with the process.

* There is a $45.00 registration fee for new families and a $25 renewal fee for previous or existing families per child. (Additionally, families will have the option to purchase a T-Shirt with HSS logo and will be encouraged to purchase a Planner)

StudentsDiscountAnnual Fees10 Month Plan12 Month Plan
First Child$3,400.00$340.00/month$283.33/month
Second Child3%$3,298.00$329.80/month$274.88/month
Third Child5%$3,230.00$323.00/month$269.00/month
Fourth & Subsequent Children10%$3,060.00$306.00/month$255.00/month

* Fees for the 2023-2024 school year include a discount for families having 2 or more children.

Payment Plan

Payment may be made in full at time of application. However, parents may opt to make monthly payments. In this case, a payment agreement may be signed during the application process. You may hand deliver payment in person Monday-Thursday, during our normal hours of operation. * Payment is due by the 5th of each month. (A late payment fee of $25.00 should be included, if received after the 5th of each month). Parent’s opting to pay on the 12-month plan should begin payment in June, or July.

Daily Operations

(A Typical Schedule)

8 am -2 pm (Monday – Thursday) with option for before and after school care

Drop off: Students may begin entering the building at 8:00 am. Parents should drive their student around to the entrance for drop off where a leader will be available to direct your child to his/her classroom.
Opening: Prayer, Pledges, and Scripture Reading/Devotion
Academic Study: (Individualized instruction supervised & supported)
Snack: Although snacks will occasionally be provided by HSS, students should bring a snack from home each day. HSS will notify you on those special occasions that food is brought in. Each child is encouraged to bring their own water bottle or bottled water to use throughout the day. (Please write their name on their bottle for easy identification.)
Specialty: Art, library, music or games.
Academic Study: (Individualized instruction supervised & Supported)
Lunch: Students should bring a packed lunch each day.
Outside Recess: After lunch
Academic Study: (Individualized instruction supervised & Supported)
Paired learning/centers: Students will be paired with their peers for partner learning
Pack up/ Cleanup & Dismissal: Students will have an assigned clean up duty each week in an effort to promote individual and group responsibilities.

Your child’s educational facilitator/Leader will provide you with a copy of a specific schedule. However, a typical day may include the following: (A routine of Bible study, academic study, peer tutoring, and play) For example, a day may begin with: (Then move accordingly)

  • Morning prayer, pledges, and devotions
  • Academic study
  • Snack time
  • Specialty
  • Academic study
  • Lunch
  • Outside recess
  • Small group study
  • Independent reading
  • Academic study
  • Know How skills
  • Peer tutoring
  • Craft/Other
  • Devotion/Dismissal

Pick Up / Drop Off

A leader will be at the front of our main entrance (Beth Car Educational wing) each morning to assist students into the building beginning @ 8:00 A.M. Again, in the afternoon, students will meet parents/grandparents/other at the back entrance for pickup. (Please drive around and your child will be sent out for easy pick up) During registration, a “Name Card” will be given to you to place on your dashboard when picking up your child. Please have this visible for easy identification. Please include on the application, the person responsible for pick up, and persons allowed to pick up your child.

Supplies Needed

Your child’s leader may share with you a list of additional items that may help for your child to have during our time together. However, the following items are required:

  • Headphones/tablet or other; for example a DVD handheld player if needed.
  • Water bottle
  • Pens/pencils/paper
  • Bible
  • Planner or notebook used to record daily assignments (Parents responsibility to record assignments; We can help get you started with this process.)
  • Supplement material (Reading material/Engaging resources for opportunity study)
  • Selected Curriculum

HSS Calendar

Special Dates to Consider:

** Informational meeting is scheduled for July 25th, 2023 at 6:00pm at Beth Car Baptist Church located in Halifax, VA.

  • Birthday Celebrations (1st Thursday of each Month)
  • Fall/spring student pictures
  • Thanksgiving
  • Pumpkin farm
  • Operation Christmas Child Mission Project
  • Group field trips
  • Christmas
  • Other
  • Orientation for new and returning students (TBA)
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